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Mining for Beginners

Nicehash - PC Mining

oxbtc - Cloud Mining

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Wallets - Wallets are how you store and use your currencies. Since they're applications, many of them may have additional features to aid in your use and access of your coins.

Coinbase - Coinbase top US based Wallet, Exchange, and more.

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Trust Wallet - A mobile wallet that lets you hold about any and every kind of crypto currency. It also has a browser specifically for dApps where you can use and find more crypto.

BlackWallStreet - A new wallet and platform launching this summer.

Dollar Cost Average Savings - Calculate what you could have saved up by investing in crypto over any previous period of time. These tools make it convenient to set your savings plan and let your money work.

Cashapp - Use Cashapp to regularly buy Bitcoin.

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Coinbits - Autmate your Bitcoin purchases by rounding up your card purchases to the nearest dollar

Interest Accounts - There are many services that offer banking services for your crypto currencies and provide interest. Here are a few examples:

BlockFi - Sign Up for an account to earn up to 8.6% on your crypto.

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Nexo - Earn up to 12% Interest through banking your money through a variety of currency offerings.

dij HODLs ...

This is what I'm currently holding and links to information about the projects behind them.

Bitcoin - BTC

Ethereum - ETH

Binance Coin - BNB

Guapcoin - GUAP

Helium - HNT

Dogecoin - DOGE

Enjin Coin - ENJ

Basic Attention Token - BAT

Cardano ADA